Shoshone Falls – Twin Falls, Idaho

Shoshone.jpgShoshone Falls – Twin Falls, Idaho

The falls are known as the Niagara Falls of the west and is one the most impressive views along the famous Snake River.  With the waterfalls being nearly 1500 feet wide with water dropping a staggering 212 feet it is even a longer drop than the Niagara Falls which drops 176 feet.

Idaho Power controls the flow of the water that flows over the Shoshone Falls by using the dam located right above the falls.  The water is also used for irrigation so if you are there during that time you will be seeing a somewhat less spectacular view.  If you can get there during the late winter through early April you will be able to see the falls at their most splendid time.

If you take the kids with you on your trip you can enjoy the Shoshone Falls Park for something different.  It is a gently sloped city park with large grassy areas for the kids to run off some of their energy.  There are several scenic overlooks around the park to keep the interest of the kids peaked with the hiking trails and playground equipment.

The hiking opportunities at the park will allow you get up close to the edge of the river, see the fabulous flow of water from a totally different angle. 

The Snake River Canyon is also the canyon that Evil Knievel tried to jump in 1974 with his Sky-Cycle.  Since he couldn’t get permission to jump part of the Grand Canyon he bought land next to the Snake River and set the jump up at that location.    The jump was totally unsuccessful but not fatal.  His shoot opened right after take off, the wind caught it and slammed his bike to the ground next to the river, 600 feet below.  Although it could have been tragic, Evil Knievel walked away with jut minor injuries.

Bridal Veil Falls is also located in Shoshone Falls Park. The small cascade is formed from a small stream that empties from Dierkes Lake along the side of the road (on the way to Shoshone Falls).  It is a rather small falls and probably not worth driving to see specifically but since you in the area for Shoshone Falls you might want to see the little one too.

There are restrooms at the park, plenty of parking, concession stands, pay phones and covered picnic areas.  It is also stroller and wheelchair friendly and you won’t be crowded out by throngs of people.

Hours: Open daily year round from 7 am to 9 pm.

Admission: $3 per vehicle and $20 per bus.

Effective, Saturday, April 19, 2008, No alcoholic beverages will be allowed at Dierkes Lake Park or the Shoshone Falls boat dock area.

To Shoshone Falls – From Interstate 84’s Exit 173, head south on U.S. 93/Blue Lakes Boulevard for 2.2 miles. From Blue Lakes Boulevard, turn left onto Falls Avenue and head east for three miles to 3300 East. The falls are several miles north, with signs pointing the way.

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  1. I Took My boat out fishing at shashone Falls reservore and It is so nice down there. I was trollig down there and It was fun There was no current at all!!! It looks kinda deep there in fact It is the place for fishing and watersports. I like the sites down there I cant belive it is so nice down there and also it looks kinda deep water down there!!!! WHat Kinde of fish live in this reservore!!!!